You Have A Story To Tell

You have a story to tell and I want to hear it! Do you have a PCS or Deployment story that has left an impacting print on your life? Maybe you had a PCS with a heartwarming moment where a mover made your child’s day, or a heartbreaking move of having your Grandma’s hutch show... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Our Military Children

Every year in April we celebrate the Month of the Military Child. It is the time where we celebrate our children for being born into a lifestyle that they didn’t get to chose, a time to tell them how much we love them, and acknowledge just how special they are.

That Dreaded D Word

There is that moment of numbness when you first hear it. Deployment. It stings at first, has an ugly look, and then lays its heaviness on you. After a moment of trying to calculate the days, what holidays and birthdays will be missed and when the homecoming might happen, you straighten up. Here we go... Continue Reading →

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