Organized Chaos and Road Trips

By Melanie BinversieWait – Hard stop. Organized Chaos and Road Trips can coincide harmoniously in the same vehicle? Even with MY family? How is this even possible? Whether you’re PCSing or driving 1,700 glorious miles to see your inlaws, road trip season is upon us and I am here to help you make it your... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Things

Bright Copper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things! Finding the perfect gift can be so hard sometimes. I break down my favorite things for everyone, and they also support Military Spouse and Veteran Owned Businesses!

Military Spouse Depression

In the military community we always hear about how depression affects the military service members. They come home from deployments, battle tired and worn down. Before long our headlines are filled with how 22 Veterans a day commit suicide due to some form of depression or PTSD. With the recent events of Kate Spade and... Continue Reading →

Have A Seat Deployment Murphy

The timing is always perfect. My spouse leaves for deployment, and everything seems to break. Our dryer stopped working, the car battery died, the dishwasher started leaking, the garbage disposal was clogged, and there was a leak through a jet of our whirlpool bathtub. Thank goodness for an amazing property management company that took care... Continue Reading →

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