You Have A Story To Tell

You have a story to tell and I want to hear it!

Do you have a PCS or Deployment story that has left an impacting print on your life?

Maybe you had a PCS with a heartwarming moment where a mover made your child’s day, or a heartbreaking move of having your Grandma’s hutch show up in shattered pieces. Perhaps there was a PCS that you had to conquer alone or had the reality check of your HHGs being things that could be replaced.

Is there a deployment where you gave birth without your spouse there or a time when your spouse tribe rallied around you? Maybe it was a deployment where the generosity and kindness of a stranger or neighbor happened right when you needed it.

Good or bad, I want to hear the story you have for a special project! Your stories will be compiled together (respectively) into the PCS Chronicles and Deployment Chronicles book series to share with others and our civilian counterparts the ups and downs during two of the most stressful times in the military lifestyle.

Please email your submission to with the subject at PCS Chronicles or Deployment Chronicles in either a word or google document. Submissions should be a minimum of 600 words and no more than 2,500 words, have your name and branch included, and will be edited only for grammatical errors and tense consistency. Sending your story to Military Spouse Chronicles is your agreement for your story to be used in print. Depending on number of submissions, not all may be used.

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