The PCS Starter Pack

You’ve received your orders, set up your move, and ready to get started with everything you can do to make it an easy process. At this point in the game, many will start to pre-pack their house to ensure their household goods are taken care of and to make sure unpacking goes quickly and easy.

Here is everything you need:

Ziplock Flex Totes – The X-Large size is perfect for your dresser clothes! They fit perfectly into the moving boxes and help ensure that your clothes will be protected from any thinks and handled less. The Jumbo size is perfect for your bed linens and towels!

“Garment Bagging” Your Closets – Use these Glade Scented Trash Bags on all of your hanging clothes, and coats! Its a cheap solution to protecting your hanging items, and with it being scented means your clothes won’t show up smelling all musty! Bonus points – use the same bags for your children’s stuffed animal to keep them protected during the move!

All The Lose Items – There is nothing worse than all the tiny little toys or junk drawer items showing up and wrapped in all kinds of paper and things falling everywhere! Use these 2 gallon Hefty Bags to contain all those little pieces to save a headache on the other side! While you’re at it, don’t forget to tackle that office desk or craft cabinet as well!

Don’t Let the Parts Go! – Keep all your furniture hardware together by labeling these Ziplock Bags, and putting them all together into a 2 gallon bag from above and packing it in your suit case~

Keep It Together –  Grab the Press N Seal to put on that knife block and around your silverware organizing tray! Its perfect for keeping things together and clean so you won’t need to rewash everything on the other side!

Label It – Sometimes its hard to decipher what the packers wrote on the box, and bright colored labels fix that issue! Before your items get loaded, go around each room and put these bright colored labels on them. When you get to your new home, tape a piece of paper to the door of each room with the coordinating label to make directing traffic easier! If you want something you can see from each side try this moving label tape!

Label It Again – Everyone hates a missing box. While you’re adding the room labels, add your contact info too with this customizable self inking stamp!

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