The Importance of Tech to a Military Family

Paper and pencil.
Stamp and envelope.
Mail it off and wait weeks, sometimes even months for mail to reach our service members somewhere in a far off corner of the world.

Gone are the days when our Grandparents would wait by the mailbox for a letter to come back.

The rapid development of technology in our modern world has allowed our military service members to instantly connect to their families back home.

Looking back at the early years of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, service members were able to make calls from call centers back home to the cell phones that had quickly become the means of communication for everyone. A military spouse or family member didn’t dare to leave the house without their cell phone for fear of missing that precious phone call.

As technology continued to developed, families were soon able to connect by webcams to their families in a way never done before. Even an ocean away, a service member could still be there to see their child born,  take part in a birthday, or see a loved one get married. Webcams were not the only way as FaceTime, FaceBook Messenger and other video apps allowed families to connect on the go.

Now, no matter where in the world they may be serving, service members can instantly connect to their families back home every day. Having a good and reliable service for those VIP calls is a key component to every day military life.

Verizon not only makes it easy for service members to connect to their families, but they also work hard at making it affordable for our families that already give so much!

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