Celebrating Our Military Children

Every year in April we celebrate the Month of the Military Child. It is the time where we celebrate our children for being born into a lifestyle that they didn’t get to chose, a time to tell them how much we love them, and acknowledge just how special they are.

You know what? They are pretty special and amazing, and here’s why:

• They are Resilient. These kids who have their world shaken up every few years due to either deployments or a move, and quickly overcome all the obstacles that come with it. They handle everything thrown at them like a champ and will easily adapt and overcome anything!

• They embrace being the new kid. While many are often afraid of being the new person, our children embrace it. They look forward to moving across country, and making new friends. They have no fear of walking into a new school or joining a new team.

• Military Children are more successful. Our kids are often given unique experiences and opportunities many other children do not get. They get the opportunity to experience different cultures, foods, and the ability to easily travel. A few of our favorite military children include Jessica Alba, Mia Hamm, Shaquille O’Neil, Bruce Willis, Reece Witherspoon and Natalie Morales.

• They are more well rounded than their counterparts. Some of the experiences military children get to have include moving all over the world! From living in Hawaii, to the great state of Texas, to Germany and Korea, our children to get experience more cultures and have a better appreciation for all their traditions.

• They are BRATS. That’s right. They are Brave, they are Resilient, they are Adaptable, they are Tough, and they are Strong. If you are around a military kid for any length of time, you will learn this quickly!

From learning how to quickly make friends, to saying good bye to a parent countless times, and understanding the opportunity they had when living in Europe, these children are simply amazing!

Here’s to you Military Children! May you lead your generation into greatness!

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