The Daunting Claims Process

It’s the part of the move that most everyone will dread, the claims process. By the time you get to this step you’ve had many days of packing, loading, driving across country, unloading and unpacking.

You’re ready to be settled and done!

Here is the important timeline that you need to know:

-75 days to to initiate a claim with a loss/damage report

-9 months to submit your claim after initiating it

-60 days from the day you SUBMIT your claim for the TSP to pay, deny, or counter on your claim

If there is notice of loss or damage at delivery, a “Notification of Loss or Damage” report may be filled out at delivery, but this is not submitting a claim. This form is simply stating that you have items to claim. Usually this form will note damage from furniture or other large items that is noticeable.

Preparing Your Claim

Having all the information gathered is going to be key to a smooth claim. Before your HHGs were picked up, you should have taken pictures or furniture and any high value items you have at a minimum.

You will need:

⁃ Manufacture

⁃ Inventory number

⁃ Cost of item

⁃ Description of Item

⁃ Description of Damage

⁃ Year if known

⁃ Cost for repair if applicable

⁃ Evidence – pictures, video, appraisal paperwork, etc

Writing down this info as you unpack will help when you sit down to initiate and submit your claim.

Important Things To Know

You can only receive payment for an item once during the process. For example, if you have a broken dinning room table at delivery, the company may offer you an amount of $500 or less for the table immediately in what is called a quick claim. If you accept what is offered you cannot claim the table when you submit your claim. If you feel that quick claim amount is not sufficient, then do not accept it and go thru the claims process.

Due to the nature of the DPS system, claims offices do not get any notification when info is inputted for claims. When you submit your claim, make a counter offer, or make any changes to your claim in the DPS system, contact your claims adjuster or your move coordinator let them know!

Filing an inconvenience claim is different from your loss/damage claim and is handled directly through your TSP. More info about that later!

What Do I Do If I Don’t Hear Anything Back?

It’s a common question I see and get asked all the time. It’s past 60 days, what can I do?

There are several steps that I always suggest taking:

⁃ Send one more email. Email your claims adjuster/move coordinator and let them know they are out of regulation and past the 60 day mark for making an offer and paying by C number of days. Go ahead and cite the DTR PART IV ATTACHMENT K-1 It’s Your Move Regulation as well. I also request an offer be made in 72 hours, and the timeliness of their service will be noted in your customer service satisfaction survey and any reviews you decide to leave.

⁃ Go up the chain. That claims adjuster has a boss who has a boss. Get on their website and find out who is next in line. There could be any number of reasons that your claim hasn’t been addressed, but contacting a manager or supervisor can definitely help get some visibility and resolution to your claim.

⁃ Contact the MCO. Many only think of the MCO as the place to transfer your claim when you get to solution from your TSP. You can call the MCO to ask questions and get help without transferring your claim to them. If all else fails, you can transfer it to the MCO who will help with the settlement.

⁃ If all else fails and you cannot get any resolution to your claim by any other avenues of approach, then write your state representatives and let them know the issues you are facing.

Give the system a chance to work. Give those you are in contact with through out the process the chance to get some resolution. I know waiting for reimbursement can be a inconvenience sometimes, but give it a chance. The social media blasts should only be used as a last resort when nothing else works.

Info about inconvenience claims will be coming soon!

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