PCS Like A Pro

As we gear up for another PCS season, the Facebook groups are filled with everyone asking their best, true and tried moving tips.

Newbies are worried that two days won’t be enough time to pack, and the seasoned mover is planning a vacation between leaving one post and arriving at another.

Here are the best tips to help make your move as seamless as possible!

  • Trash bag your closet. I got this tip from my friend Alex, who takes trash bags and uses them as a garment bag over the hanging clothes in the closet. Tie it at the bottom and it keeps things from falling off the hangers to the bottom of those wardrobe boxes! Makes it even easier for unpacking too! Bonus tip- use glade scented trash bags and your clothes will arrive smelling nice and fresh!
  • Storage bags. I’m talking the big storage bags! Use them to put your clothes from your dresser in! Doing this allows the packers to not be handling all your clothes or coming across your unmentionables. It also helps that it’s all in one place and you find your socks with the bathroom trash can and a stack of books in a box! 
  • Gather like items together. I hate boxes. I hate how many they use to pack our stuff. Gather all your wall hanging frames from every room and other like items together. This will help them pack them together and can save on boxes too! It’s also helpful when you gather your collections together – pottery, fine china, or whatever it maybe. It’ll be easier to have all those items packed together.

  • Pre-Pack. Anything that you want to take with you either on the plane or in your car, pack it ahead of time! Pack it and then move it all to an empty closet or room, then close the door, put tape over the door and a nice sign asking them to not go in there. This will help get everything out of their way and they won’t be packing those things you need.
  • Inventory. It doesn’t hurt to have your own inventory list which will come in handy if you need to file any loss or damage claims. Best things to do are to take pictures of each room, each piece of furniture, and any collections or high value items. Make a list of these items along with their conditions too. For your electronics, it’s best to take a video to show them working prior to being packed and loaded, and also keep a list of your electronics with brand and serial number.

  • High Value Items. Declare your high value items on Day 1. This one is hard depending on which moving company you are assigned. For high value items they have to mark the box with seal security tape, and note it on a special inventory sheet. Once the item is packed, it cannot be declared. It’s best to pull these items out when you are gathering your like items.
  • Food and drinks. Some people choose to feed the movers so they stay on sight and keep working, other chose not too. It’s completely a personal preference to you. One thing I always suggest is to have your fridge stocked with drinks. I always tell them there is water and Gatorade in the fridge and to help themselves.
  • Room Labels. LIFESAVER! There is nothing worse than trying to figure out what the packer wrote on your box. You can understand your name and “blah-room” and playing Christmas when you open it! Easily found on Amazon, these bright colored labels will easily identify which room the box goes to so there is no confusion!

  • Address Labels. Another huge lifesaver!  Another nightmare is a box goes missing if your stuff goes into storage. Having an address label with your name, number, email, location you are leaving and location you are going too on your box with the room label sticker helps tremendously! If it should be delivered to someplace else, It makes it easier for it to make its way back to you!
  • PCS Binder. This is my lifeline! This special binder contains everything you need: Orders, leases, school records, IEPs, shot records, vet records, physicals, birth/marriage certificates, and of course your household goods shipment inventory! Everything you need in one special place!

As orders start coming in, and you start your prep to your next adventure, I hope you can do it with ease and be stress free!

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