Have A Seat Deployment Murphy

The timing is always perfect. My spouse leaves for deployment, and everything seems to break. Our dryer stopped working, the car battery died, the dishwasher started leaking, the garbage disposal was clogged, and there was a leak through a jet of our whirlpool bathtub. Thank goodness for an amazing property management company that took care of most of that. But the hassle is still enough to stress over!

This deployment didn’t just give us the typical Deployment Murphy issues. This deployment also brought us all attitude issues with children. So many times they have had such bad attitude issues, disobeying, disrespect, I’m tired of my sibling, oh and lets not forget a new ADHD diagnosis for one of our children too and navigating all those issues – alone.

We are near the end of our shortest deployment, and I believe this is the most tired that I have ever been. With putting our three children first in everything to help them cope with this deployment and taking very little time for me as I stayed busy with volunteer work has definitely taken its toll on me, and my attitude is starting to wear on the kids too.

We think of Deployment Murphy as often being material things and breaking our appliances. What we don’t realize, is that he often strikes us in other ways too. Our kids behavior and attitudes, me not taking care of myself, or the month of January that was basically a giant snow day that never seemed to end.

The end of our deployment is in sight, and just like the beginning, I am on my toes about what is going to happen next here at home with our good friend. I no longer have the energy or time to deal with him. So we have come to this:

banquet catering celebration chairs
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We have made Deployment Murphy a seat at our table.

Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. Pull up a seat Deployment Murphy

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